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Our range of ultra-modern, sleek, artisan cement plant pots is the right choice for adding elegance and style to indoor spaces.


Bulk Order - Indoor Plant Pots

We work with artisans in different parts of the world to create distinctive, decorative plant pots that are perfect for making your indoor space stand out. Our plant pots are not only beautiful and unique; they are also functional, durable and lasting because they are constructed of the best cement materials available, manufactured by remarkably skilled craftsmen, made to last and to maintain their beauty for years to come.

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Durable, lightweight and universal. Take a closer look at our plant pots and call us for your next project.

Bulk Order - Indoor Plant Pots

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We are focused on meeting the needs of a diverse group of professionals serving both residential and commercial customers for indoor projects.

We regularly introduce new lines in response to market trends and customer demand.  As a small company, we do not stock a wide range of ceramic pots. However, we have a variety of premium designs which a diverse group of independent interior designers and interior landscape professionals may pre-order for their projects.

We are continuously reviewing and adding new products to our range and because we focus on designs that are capable of enhancing mood, drawing the eye, and transforming spaces, our plant pots are powerful tools for interior design.

Below are products available for bulk purchasing in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a bulk order, please get in touch with us. We are looking forward to helping you on your next project.

Bodrum Series

Guaranteed to fit into any surroundings with their universal shapes, the Bodrum plant pot is available in three sizes. Traditionally hand-turned artisan ceramics with an earthy quality to lend eye-catching elegance to any space – traditional interiors or modern settings.

T1 – L15 X H 15cm | L 6” X H 6”
T2 – L12 X H 12cm | L 4.7” X H 4.7”
T3 – L10 X H 10cm | L 3.9” X H 3.9”

Kansas Cube Indoor cement plant pot by Deers Grove

Kansas Series

Ruggedly stunning in simple embossed pattern for a stately, refined look, the Kansas cube plant pot collection should make any succulent pop. It comes in two sizes and looks great on your dining table or windowsill. This product will transform your indoor space.

S1 – L12 X W 12 X H 12cm | L 4.5” X W 4.5” X H 4.5”
S2 – L10 X W 10 X H 10cm | L 4.0” X W 4.0” X H 4.0”

Bowertons 5-piece indoor decorative plant pots by Deers Grove

bowerton Series

The Bowerton collection is made from cement for an exceptionally strong and lightweight plant pot. Inspired by nature, the Bowerton is handmade with a peeled coconut skin effect and a modern rectangular shape for a unique and distinctive indoor greenery display. The coconut effect perfectly complements greenery, but it is the perfect decorative eye-catcher even without a plant.

H1 – L14.5 X W 14.5 X H 25cm | L 5.7” X W 5.7” X H 9.8”
H2 – L12.0 X W 12.0 X H 20cm | L 4.7” X W 4.7” X H 7.8”
S1 – L18.0 X W 18.0 X H 21cm | L 7.1” X W 7.1” X H 8.3”
S2 – L13.0 X W 13.0 X H 15cm | L 5.1” X W 5.1” X H 5.9”
S3 – L 8.0 X W 8.0 X H 9cm | L 3.1” X W 3.1” X H 3.5”

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Interior designers gives testimony about the quality of Deers Grove Brand's Decorative Indoor houseplant pots
For me, scale and style are the most important things. Planters can be so impactful when done well. We wanted something unique enough to make an impact, but not over crowd the area. And, of course, we found the DEERS GROVE designs were the best to complement the space itself.
Amanda Rogers

Interior designers and interior landscaping professionals welcome.

With cutting edge styles, designs, shapes and finishes, let Deers Grove help you to turn your next planter project from ordinary to SUPERB.

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Among the proven advantages of hosting greenery in your home is their mood-boosting properties, a reduction in stress levels, improvements to our attention span and a greater productivity. They can also improve the air quality in our homes, removing up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours, according to experts.