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There’s nothing gloomier than a space devoid of a little green. Plants can be an amazing way to add life to your space. Yet whether you are decorating your home or sprucing up your office desk, there are a few essential rules to remember to make the most out of your greenery.

Not only do plants fulfil decorative functions and complete any interior with their vibrant, lively ways, but by doing so they also freshen up the air you breathe and help you stay focused, productive and positive.

Looking after indoor plants

Many people are well aware of the beneficial qualities of plants but still choose against owning them, thinking they just can’t be bothered with yet another tedious chore in their busy lives. However, looking after plants really isn’t rocket science; even if you don’t consider yourself particularly green-fingered, you can learn the ABCs of plant care in next to no time.

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Indoor plants are popular because they are relatively easy to take care of, and can be used in a variety of indoor décor themes.

Start by reading up a bit on your chosen plant, and by all means make sure it features among plants that are likely to thrive indoors in the first place. Get a flower pot with adequate drainage, and fill it with soil that works for your plant. From this stage onwards, your primary task will be providing your green friend with adequate amounts of two resources – light and water. But just like above, rely on trustworthy information rather than your own guesswork.

Adding greenery to your décor

So let’s assume you don’t skip any of the major steps in your plant care routine, and your plants do really well – grow healthy and grateful to their owner. In terms of interior design, you’re only just getting started!

How do you make the most of plants at home? How do you add them to your décor so that you end up taking full advantage of their unparalleled potential to beautify interiors? Here are a few time-saving tricks and design trends to get you off on the right footing.

1. Know your room

Take a good look around your room and determine its main strengths and weaknesses. Which parts of it require a living decorative piece and which, on the contrary, could do with some additional space?

How to Incorporate Plants into Your Home Decor
A statement plant deserves a designer plant pot

2. Commit to one style

More than anything else, your room needs a clear idea – a dominant theme to give the interior that classy, coherent look. That will set things up nicely for plants, the best possible capper to a finely balanced interior design.

How to decorate home with plants
Take advantage of all the benefits of houseplants and make them a central part of your decor

3. Use a plant as a hero piece

Without a well-chosen centrepiece, no room feels complete these days, so why not put your favourite plant in the limelight? That doesn’t necessarily mean the very middle of the room; there’s nothing wrong with a leafy focal point in the corner.

Plant decoration in living room
Decorating shelves with plants create a much more conducive and relaxing environment

4. Don’t clutter the place

Make sure your plants don’t compete for attention with a plethora of redundant objects – whether intended for everyday use or as decoration.

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Amazing ways we can decorate with plants and enhance our rooms.

5. Remember size matters

Large plants work great as a statement, especially with clean, sparse designs. On the other hand, small plants are best used in most other interiors where overcrowding isn’t an issue. Mixing sizes only brings good results when it’s done on purpose.

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Large plants work great as a statement, especially with clean, sparse interior spaces

6. Put a plant in an empty corner

No idea what to do with that empty corner in your room, where there isn’t enough room for another bulky piece of furniture? Put a plant in it and the room will come together nicely, just remember to go with a larger plant to fill the visual void.

7. Choose easy plants

Stay away from finicky plants if you’d rather avoid painful gardening mistakes. There are plenty of plants available in the market that are both exceedingly pretty and easy to look after.

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Optimal use of small potted plants in interior decor

Indoor gardening done right

Long story short, using plants in interior design overlaps to a great extent with the basic principles of composition such as shape, proportion, and harmony – but just to keep things realistic, it’s certainly a good idea to opt for a few effort-saving solutions here and there. Speaking of which, take a look at these common interior design mistakes (as well as some advice on how to avoid them).

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