The Belmond Pots - By Deers Grove
Plant pots are powerful tools for interior design.

We’ve all invested more than ever in our homes and their decor over the past year while confined to our homes, and in these strange times, there is no better moment to embrace an indoor jungle.

Experts have long raved about the benefits of nature to humankind and in recent years, just how much indoor plants can improve our mental and physical health. Among other proven advantages of hosting greenery in our homes are their mood-boosting properties, a reduction in stress levels, improvements to our attention span, and greater productivity. They can also improve the air quality in your home, removing up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours.

In addition to the health benefits, there are aesthetic advantages as well. Whether you are renting or buying, living in a tiny one-bedroom flat or an expansive home – filling your spaces with succulents and blooms can make a stark difference to the feel and give it that homeliness that it needs without needing to invest in expensive furniture or painting walls.

But with the ongoing trend for table-scaping and carefully curated bookshelves and windowsills, have you considered the vessel in which your green friends or live? The sure-fire way to love your new houseplant is to pair it with the perfect pot. For all the benefits plants provide us, we think our green friends, at least, are deserving of a charming home. Plant pots aren’t merely practical, but also a great, easy, and affordable way of adding unique character to your living space – with some even having the potential to become the focal point of rooms. If you want stand-out pots, you want to look for quality, finish, durability, and value for money – as well as how they look once planted.

As you begin shopping for indoor plant pots, you will find that there is a wide range of styles and price points available on the web. While you may be shopping on a budget, it is important to consider the quality of the decorative pot you are purchasing. Buying a poor-quality plant pot will only mean that you must replace it sooner rather than later. Here are a few hints to help you spot high-quality indoor plant pots for home or office decor.


As you inspect plant pots, you should also take note of the construction quality itself. While indoor cement pots are meant to be lightweight, they should not be flimsy like a regular plastic plant pot. The walls of your pot should be rigid and tough, not subject to breaking or cracking. Pots that have very thin walls will end up with cracks and eventually, the layers will begin to come apart.

Attention to detail

If you’re shopping for indoor plant pots, it helps to have an idea of what you want the finished space to look like. If you purchase pots online, it is important to make sure that all the details are exactly right. From proper sizing to the minute details of colour and decor, make sure your decorative pots are free of defects in everything from the structure to the finish.


It is best to consider a pot that is around 2cm wider than the plant to allow it plenty of space to breathe and grow – all our products offer a range of sizing options.


Drainage holes ensure potting soil doesn’t stay too wet after watering your houseplants. The excess can freely escape out the bottom of the container, allowing oxygen to make its way to plant roots (if you use a saucer or tray underneath the pot, make sure to empty it to prevent roots from soaking in too much moisture).

You can still use a beautiful plant pot that doesn’t have drainage holes. The trick is to treat it like a decorative outer container that hides a slightly smaller but plain container with drainage holes in which your plant is growing. You can lift out that inner pot and move it to a sink to water or leave it inside the pot and then dump out the excess from the decorative pot when all the extra water is done draining out of the smaller container.

Our indoor plant pots do not have drainage holes, so we recommend watering and draining your plant before returning it to the pot to avoid retaining water at the bottom. We also suggest keeping your plants in their nursery pots inside these decorative planters as this makes the watering and draining process a lot easier.


Brighten up an empty windowsill with this set of two beige-toned plant pots. Made from cement, they are perfect for displaying all your bright flowers and earthy succulents.

Bodrum 3 piece indoor house plant pots by Deers Grove
Eye-catching, elegant 3-piece cement indoor plant pot
Kansas Cube

Bring texture to your home with our Kansas Cube plant pot. They come in an array of sizes where the unique, hand-crafted embossed pattern has been achieved through many layers of glaze. These indoor plant pots have a stunningly uncomplicated design and look great on your dining table or windowsill.

Kansas Cube Indoor cement plant pot by Deers Grove
Deers Grove ultra-modern, sleek, artisan cement plant pots are the right choice for adding elegance and style to indoor spaces.

Cement may not be the most revolutionary in terms of materials, but it brings subtle sophistication to the interior landscape. Case in point, this set of plant pots. They give a luxurious feel, while also making a contemporary statement of quality and style. Whether placed on your windowsill or in the centre of your table, this is the kind of plant pot that will put a smile on your face.

Bowertons 5-piece indoor decorative plant pots by Deers Grove
ultra-modern, sleek, artisan plant pots for indoor house plants